How do I know what my message will look like?

As you are creating a PostSpeaker message, you may like to know how that will look when it’s shared across the selected social platforms. Because of this, it’s important to ensure your links look good on social media.

Facebook and Twitter both use special tags to determine what information to display. First of all, guide your webmaster or programmer to implement Open Graph Meta Tags on your website or blog, from which you share content to social media. That way, you prepare your link directly when writing an article within your CMS. A complete guide to how you can find it within an official Facebook documentation. 

Furthermore, Facebook and Twitter both make it possible to preview a link before it is shared.

Facebook has a developer tool known as the Sharing Debugger that will preview your links for you. It will also show you if there are any errors in the way it renders your site. The Sharing Debugger will also allow you to refresh the link. Because Facebook creates its preview the first time any given link is shared, it could be used in the link preview. Enter the URL and click the Debug button, and click the Scrape button to refresh the link preview. The preview should look the same until the link is scraped again in the Sharing Debugger. If you change the information that is shared, you will want to update the link scrape.

Likewise, Twitter also has a tool to validate link previews. Twitter calls these “cards,” and provides a Card Validator to help you see what a link will look like when shared on Twitter. The Card Validator also includes a log to indicate if it has any errors in loading the site.

LinkedIn does not offer a debugger, nor a method to fix certain issues with sharing. LinkedIn automatically clears their cache on a weekly basis.

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