Data that we collect, use and store

When you connect with a social media account through PostSpeaker, the social media network will show the login dialogue and a list of rights that PostSpeaker requests. These rights are often confusing, so lets explain.

1. Data that we store

We only use and store the following data:

Personal data
• your profile picture
• your display name

Network data
• followers count (Twitter)
• connections count (LinkedIn) 
• page followers count (Facebook pages)
• company page followers count (LinkedIn company pages)

We DO NOT read and store any other information about your friends, followers and connections.

• list of Facebook pages
• list of LinkedIn company pages
• profile picture of the page
• name of the page

2. What we do with the requested rights

We have done our best to request only the rights that PostSpeaker actually needs. However, some networks like Twitter don’t provide fine-tuned rights’ requests, so it’s an all or nothing opt-in. Other networks allow fine-tuned access rights to your account. 

Rest assured, we ONLY use the rights that we ask you to opt-in for to:
• fetch the data as mentioned in point #1 every time you login or (re)connect.
• post to your social media accounts via PostSpeaker.

We DO NOT change, update, delete or remove anything about your profile or pages. This functionality is not available within PostSpeaker.

3. Control your data

You keep control of the data and rights as mentioned in point #1 and #2 and you can remove these anytime from PostSpeaker by going to the ‘connect account’ menu item. There you have 2 options: opt-out by toggling the switch or remove a network by clicking on the trash button. The difference is:

Opt-out does not remove your data. It simply toggles the network of so it cannot be used within PostSpeaker. 

Removing a network does remove the data and rights as mentioned in point #1 and #2. However for your project’s manager, the following references are kept for charts, statistics and analytics:

  • A historical record of which posts were published to your accounts
  • And for each of these record we keep the name of your accounts, the number of followers/connections of those accounts, as well as direct links to the messages posted on these accounts.

If anything is not clear about the data we collect and store, and how we use the rights that you provide us with, please contact support.

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